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Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Hi everyone, my promarker Ebook is not on sale. Please take a look at my facebook page if you would like to know what is in the ebook.

you can by the instant download version at my Etsy shop

or you can pay me £12 via my paypal email  and I will send the ebook and images to your email address.

if you live in the uk you can buy the ebook on disk for £15 including delivery. please email me if you would like the ebook this way.

and finally I am taking orders for the printed ebook. it will be £24.99 with free delivery in the uk. email me if you would like the printed version of the ebook. I cant put the order in until I have enough orders. so it might take you up to a month to receive it.

Thanks so much for your continued support x

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